Our services and our achievements

We managed to provide developmental and qualifying courses for a period ranging from 3 to 5 days in the following fields, along with several programs applications including:

·         Education programs.

·         Psychological therapy.

·         Supportive  services.

·         Occupational therapy, development of communication skills, and application of TEACCH program.

Examples of the training courses given by the center during the previous years:

·         Early Intervention for self-care for people with autism.

·         How to prepare home program for autistic children.

·         Applications of PECS program (picture communication strategies).

·         "Star" program.

Techniques of communication with people with Autism:

·    Three months – Staff - qualifying - Program that is concerned with the development of specialists responsible of rehabilitating people with autism.

·     Translation and codification of Psycho educational Profile PEP-3.                    

Overview about the profile:

It is a psychological and educational profile developed, translated and implemented by the center. Many training courses were also given by the center upon the profile applications locally and internationally. It is concerned with assessment of performance of children suffering from autism and developmental disorders whose ages are between 2 and 7 years so as to define their points of strength and points of weaknesses. The profile is also used by specialists as an important assisting tool to accurately diagnose children with developmental disorders and determine upon the appropriate services that should be provided for them.

A Saudi version of Psycho educational Profile for Autistic children assessment has been prepared according to the following:

·         Permission from Pro-ed, Inc authorizing the center for translating and applying the profile.

·         Translation of the profile.

·         Codification of the profile to suit the cultural Saudi environment.

·         Application of profile on a sample of children with autism and another sample selected from normal Saudi children.

·          Giving training courses on PEP 3 applications in KSA (Qossaim - Medina - Taif - Jeddah - Chakra – Dammam).

And outside the kingdom in (Lebanon ـ Egypt ـ Sudan ـ Iraqi Kurdistan ـ Jordan ـ Oman).

The center has also provided all donations required to finance translation, codification and application of PEP 3 along with the training courses; organized locally and internationally at a cost of 241.220 SR.

Supervision on female university students training courses:

·         King Saud University

·         Nora University.

·         Arab Open University.

·         Book Club.

·         Educational saloon.