Vision and Mission

The Development and Training Department was opened in 2007 with support from the head of the center; princess Jawhara bent Faisal Al-Saud upon a belief possessed by her Excellency namely "We are serving our beloved dears and the future of our homeland"

Our vision:

Providing high standard training courses in autism so as to qualify and develop the professional staff working in this very specialization.

Our mission:

·        Recruitment of modern programs in the field of autism, and codifying them to suit the Arab environment.

·       Recruitment of the experienced cadres in the field of training.

·        Integration with several global partnerships (such as universities, institutes, colleges) in the field of autism.


Providing the rehabilitation and development programs in the field of autism, for example, but not limited to:

·       Training programs for communication, social interaction and psychological health.

·        Preparation of special programs to assess autistic disorders.

·        Establishment of development courses in the area of ​​specialization.

·       Codifying standards and training on application.

·       Support families with provide rehabilitation programs, that are required for the treatment of their children.