Department of Educational Media

Educational Aids are typically all devices, equipments and situations used by the teacher so as to improve the teaching – learning process.

Educational Aids section has been established in 2000 AD to satisfy the educational needs as it provides assistance to the following departments:

the educational section ـ the psychological section ـ home programs sections ـ department of development and training ـ boys section ـ social section.

Educational Aids section is divided into two subdivisions:

·         CNC aids

·         Educational aids industry workshop

The importance of the educational aids is represented in the following:

·         Encouraging self-learning

·         Promoting thinking and the use of the senses.

·         Giving an opportunity for repeating and practicing

·         Eliminating the difficulty of understanding and individual differences.

·         Linking education with fun.

·         Evoking and aspiring minds.

·         Simplifying difficult information.

·         Design the required and necessary means with which the determined educational plan can be implemented.

·         Using the design programs such as Micro- Board and Photoshop.

·         Participating in conferences and seminars held by the center.