Tutorial Section

This educational section is concerned with the development of the required plans and programs so as to achieve the educational policy of autism according to the thinking capacities possessed by a child as well as assessing every individual child. These programs developed by the center also aims at rehabilitating the autistic children so as to meet all the life and social requirements. Classes of the center are:

Early –Intervention Class:

This is the first class that a 3 to 6 autistic child usually joins in the center, it concentrates on providing a variety of social, educational and psychological services to the autistic children in addition to the development of the independence and self-care skills and promoting social interaction. It also contributes to the development of the skills and abilities of parents of the autistic children so as to help their own kids to develop and learn.
Pre- Academic Class:

Is the next stage after early intervention, ranging from the first pre-academic level to the second one which is determined according to the standard of development possessed by a child. It is considered an extension of the early intervention services, but for older children.

Academic class:

Children possessing abilities and skills qualifying them to join public or intellectual schools are enrolled in this class. Curriculum and educational plan are developed for each child according to his capacities and skills.