Services to Child & Family

Mother of the Prince Faisal bin Fahd center for Autism has given much interst to a child and his family as well considering his family as a cornerstone that an educational process depends upon. These services include the following:

Home visits:

Home visits are conducted in an aim to create an appropriate environment for the capacities and needs of the autistic child.

Special services unit:

We have been the first center to establish this special unit so as to deliver our services to the growing number of applicants who come to join the center, thus the applicant children suffering from Autism are accepted and provided with the complementary services according to what they need throughout many sessions attended by the child`s mother according to certain schedule. 

Supportive sessions: 

The social department team is responsible for the coordination and management of these sessions in addition to suggesting topics that will be discussed in these sessions and which are of a great interest for the family. Experiences of families are also exchanged during these sessions. This is in addition to their importance in providing the due support and assistance to the families throughout giving them an opportunity to participate.

Group trips:

We organize trips giving a child and all his family members in addition to all children enrolled to the center from outside and their family members an opportunity to participate in an aim to assure and strengthen the relationship of our center and families of the autistic children.