Services to Child


It is a process usually conducted by the staff members to define the positives and negatives possessed by the autistic child. An autistic child is assessed by a team of specialists including: A psychologist, social specialist, pronunciation specialist, occupational therapy specialist, educational supervisor and a class teacher. 

Behavioral modification programs:

Behavioral modification can only be achieved with the use of monitor, observation of the targeted behavior and a development of a psychological plan determined by specialists.


An integration service is also provided by our center for the rehabilitated children, as they are sent to schools that receive this category of children after treatment. Progress of the autistic child at these schools is also observed throughout visits that the educational specialists make to these schools.

Support services programs:

Mother of the Prince Faisal bin Fahd center for Autism has managed to develop an educational and individual plan depending on supportive services provided to every individual child enrolled. It also defined goals that each child seeks to achieve in a way that is determined according to the positives and negatives possessed by a child. These services include the following:

·         Play therapy.

·         Occupational therapy.

·         Pronunciation and speech therapy.

·         Social interaction.

·         Resource room.

·         Arts.

·         Swimming.

·         Sports.

·         Health care services.

 Unsystematic activities:

These activities include:" the entertaining trips and outdoors activities"