Mission & Goals


Mother of the Prince Faisal bin Fahd center for Autism was established in Riyadh in 1420 H - 1999 AD as a non- profit organization as one of the first specialized centers for treatment of autistic children in Riyadh.

Vision of the Center:

We are seeking to gain confidence of our society in achieving all hopes and aspirations of this category of children and to rehabilitate them to be active members in their community.

Mission of the Center:

Our mission is mainly represented in establishing a specialized center that can respond to the urgent needs of our society in rehabilitating the autistic children, training these categories of children to rely on themselves and helping them to develop and acquire the social communication skills. We are seeking to promote both the autistic children and their family environment depending on our professional and experienced educational team.     

Goals of the Center:

·         Development of methodologies and techniques used in the assessment and categorizing children with autism.

·         Providing assistance to the families of the autistic children throughout organizing training courses and workshops.

·         Cooperating with schools for integration of children with high potentials and capacities.

·         Qualifying the educational cadres throughout lectures and training courses.

Holding lectures and seminars in an aim to raise awareness of the society about the importance of early intervention.