What is Autism

Autism is an overlapping developmental disability, typically suffered by children during their first three years. The number of children suffering from autism is estimated to 20 out of every (10.000). It is also noted that the number of boys suffering from autism is quadruple the number of the autistic girls. Autism is not related to any cultural, ethnic or social characteristics, as well as family style, lifestyle or educational levels. Autism is usually accompanied by mental defect and lack of social interaction and communication with others.     


Symptoms of autism are typically suffered by two-years – old child gradually and rapidly. However, acuteness and degrees of symptoms usually differs from one child to another and these symptoms include the following:

·         Stereotypical behaviors and movements. (e.g. fluttering with hands and swinging).

·         Shouting, crying or laughing for no reason.

·         Resisting change undergoing the usual actions (routine).

·         Lack of eye contact with others.

·         Difficulty of practicing the imaginative play – they tend to practice the stereotypical play (rotating wheels instead of imagining them rotating).